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Jesus Christ, who lived on this earth two thousand years ago, is the historical person who influenced world history and human life the most. Behold, Jesus Christ has come again in flesh on this earth now! He is called Emmanuel. Emmanuel will annihilate death and make the Children of God immortal and imperishable. This salvation ...
An Invitation to the Good News

The Word of God testifies that there is a Salvation that God has prepared to be revealed in the End Times...

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About Zion

Emperor Emmanuel Church is an independent Church that believes only in the Word of God, the works of God and those sent by God. This Church is also known as Zion. Zion is a community that believes in Jesus Christ who took flesh from Holy Mother, was born two thousand years ago, preached the Kingdom of God, died on the cross, rose from the dead, and who procured forgiveness of sin for the children of God. Having received the salvation he gave 2000 years ago, this flock called Zion waits for him as a saviour. Zion is the little flock that believes that Jesus Christ has come again in flesh, his true name is Emmanuel and that he will transfigure and take them to the Eternal City in the New Earth. Therefore, Zion stays away from all evils and removes all idols from her heart and awaits his glorious manifestation. Zion believes that God the Father will come to visit them and when He comes, they will become like Him and so they eagerly wait for Him. Zion is the flock that waits for Holy Mother who is the Mother of Wisdom and the Seat of the Life-giving Law and for the second Pentecost during which they would receive the full fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Zion is that community which is taught by the Heavenly Father and Holy Wisdom, instructed by the Holy Spirit and led by the Sprit of Jesus Christ (Emmanuel) to the fullness of Truth (Word of God). Emperor Emmanuel Church is the Church of Light established on the Rock (Emmanuel) against which evil does not prevail. Zion is that flock to which the mysteries of the Kingdom of God are revealed by the Heavenly Father. Zion is that flock who can read and understand the signs of times and who are gathered from the four ends of the world in the name of Emmanuel. Zion is that flock that renounces all sin and evil through the obedience to the Word of God and thus being trained to reach the holiness of God. Emperor Emmanuel Church is that flock blessed by God to live with Jesus Christ and Holy Mother and to receive the inheritance more sublime than given to any people. With great devotion and love, Zion calls God the Father, my Father (Jer 3:19).

Emperor Emmanuel Church is located at Muriyad in Thrissur district of Kerala state, India. This Church consists of 80 local fellowships in Kerala as well as other states such as Karnataka, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Puducherry, etc. Emperor Emmanuel has overseas fellowships in places like Australia, the UK, the USA, Ireland, Italy and the Gulf countries such as Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, etc.

Emperor Emmanuel Church,
Zion, Muriyad P.O.
Thrissur, Kerala
Landline: 0480-2882800
Mobile: +91 9995643333

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